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  • What is storytelling and what is it used for?

    26 July, 2018

    Storytelling is that art by telling a story in such a way that it connects with the users, either by voice or in writing. Consumers do not buy only a product or service, they buy what they feel in the shopping experience or what makes them feel when they already own it, the meaning for them of the brand. All storytelling must contain:

    The brand values

     A language that awakens emotions

    Those characteristics that differentiate the brand from the competition



    1. They connect more easily. Appealing to the emotions and with a more human and close experience, it reaches the public more directly.

    2. Create trust. When you show different aspects in the form of history, which is much simpler and more affordable, you rely much more on it.

    3. You remember a lot. Much more than memorizing points or loose concepts, and it is also easy to tell others. In this way, it is much simpler to make a story viral.



    Storytelling is present, above all, in television commercials to reach consumers directly.

    Drill – El Corte Inglés

    In this announcement, the connection between a father and a son is invoked to exalt some of the qualities of the brand and even fidelity towards it.



    Ode to Simplicity – Lowi

    Basic aspects of everyday life are mentioned to compare it with the service offered by Lowi.


    Vodafone One – Vodafone

    It also appeals to everyday situations that can be wonderful and relates to the new Vodafone service.


    Times continue to change and users are always looking for advertising that makes them feel emotions. It is not enough to offer non-intrusive advertising in the form of entertainment content, now brands have to master the art of storytelling.


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