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  • What will the new Chrome adblocker entail?

    1 February, 2018

    As of February 15, Google’s browser will remove all intrusive ads that do not comply with the policies set by the coalition for Better Ads, created specifically to get better ads and stop the use of adblockers. This coalition fights, above all, against the interstitial type banners that occupy the whole page and affect navigation, announcements with sound and those that are flickering. In addition, it has also incorporated an improved ad configurator in My Account in order to provide greater transparency and control over the data itself and the ads that you want to block.


    Some types of ads will be blocked in both the desktop version and the mobile version:

    The editors, webmasters and media can test the pages to know if the advertising formats they use are adequate and meet all the requirements established by the Coallition for Better Ads.



    The user can manage the spaces and determine which ads he wants to see and which ones he does not. To do so, you just have to have an account in Google and go to the option Personal information and privacy and in Manage ad settings is where you have to indicate the options you want to discard. And it can be any type of content: offers of products or services, travel agencies, political spaces, etc. that will be disabled directly from Google.



    The new measures of Chrome, the most popular browser in the world, have been based on the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads and will block all those who do not fit them even if advertising is contracted through Google. But it will not do so bluntly, showing an inappropriate ad does not mean that it is directly vetoed, but if it persists with the same type of ad then Google will act. And even if you exceed an inadequate advertising limit on the web, the platform can even disable them all. All with the ultimate goal that:

     Websites lose revenue if they engage in abusive advertising practices

     The user does not use external advertising blockers that, on the one hand, do not differentiate between abusive ads and those that are not and, on the other hand, may end up blocking Google’s own advertising.

     Online advertising is respectful and in the hands of the user

     Improve the user experience as far as online ads are concerned


    If after all this, you want to measure the notoriety of your brand, click here.

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