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  • 6 elementary data for the 2018 mobile campaigns

    4 January, 2018

    According to comScore’s The Global Mobile Report de comScore, — which examines mobile audiences, content categories and applications that currently mark global patterns of mobile use—, it has changed the way users browse from mobile devices and reveals certain ideas that must be taken into account for the next campaigns:

    1. Mobile access represents more than 70% of users’ online time in most of the analyzed markets.

    2. All the markets have experienced a growth in the index of exclusive online users, above all, Brazil and Spain.

    3. Increase the consumption time in navigation and apps.

    4. Increase the relevance of the mobile in e-Commerce sites.

    5. More than half of users do not download new applications and the category that grows the most is travel with an increase of 150% in 2017.

    6. Women are more likely than men to be Internet users exclusively on mobile phones.

    What is clear is that all these data confirm that users prefer to browse from their mobile devices. So the focus of the marketing plan for this year and how to communicate through this channel should be defined in line with this trend.



    It requires less investment. The cost per impact is always much lower than in the offline investment.

    It is measured better. It is much easier to measure the data you offer, you just have to define the parameters and reference values very well.

     More personalized. It is totally one to one. The campaigns directed to mobiles arrive directly at person by person.

     Segment effectively. For example, it allows geolocation and it is possible to carry out campaigns directed to a specific geographical area.

    Improves interactivity. Through mobile devices it is much easier to get feedback from users than through other channels.



    Thus, mobile campaigns must be approached differently, taking into account the following recommendations:

    – Responsive design. This is more important than ever this year, the user’s experience in a web through mobile phones will be decisive and can cause even customers to lose if it is not satisfactory.

    – Call to action totally adapted. The call to action button has to be very well placed, it must be seen clearly and be attractive. The important thing in mobile is that it has enough size to be able to click on it.

    – Adwords call extension. This is something that matters if you want to receive calls through a campaign, which increase the click rate by 6-8%.

    – 360º campaigns. It has to include a message aligned from the images to the text and that can be seen on any device.


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