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  • 4 easy and infallible tactics to increase subscribers to the newsletter

    8 November, 2017

    Each time there are more brands that want to be present in the day to day of their customers and use the newsletter as a tool that helps maintain that constant contact. With them, the user can keep abreast of the latest developments in the sector of the brand that follows and know first-hand the services or products that can offer them as well as exclusive promotions. If you’re not sure, here are some reasons to bet on email marketing.



    1. Create e-books, tutorials or videos.

    These contents work very well. What is usually done is to offer an e-book, a tutorial or an explanatory video, for example, that you will send to those who are interested once they subscribe.

    2. Offer a free trial or demo of the product.

    Invite readers to subscribe to the newsletter and, in return, they can try the services you offer during a specific time. This way, you will not only obtain your data, but also a possible client.

    3. Offer discounts or draw lots.

    You can offer an exclusive offer or a 10% discount, for example, if you sign up for the newsletter. You can also launch sweepstakes or contests on social networks that you can access if you answer the form.

    4. Includes registration forms and surveys on your landing page, website and social networks, among others.

    In all those sites where your users are, and also the potential ones, you can include a form by launching a question or a benefit that appeals to the reader.

    And under no circumstances buy ready-made lists, you must create your own list of subscribers.



     It launches a striking offer and includes an attractive headline. It is important that the owner write something that attracts attention, be direct and legible. It also has to induce, at least, that the user has the need or desire to be part of something and subscribe to the newsletter to get the offer.

     Do not ask too much of the users. If you ask for a lot of data, for example, the name, the surname, the email, the telephone number, address, the user will not want to spend so much time filling in all the fields, it will not finish filling it and you will lose it. Enough with the email and the name, the rest of the data will come in another way.

     Put the form in a visible place. You have to position the form at the top of the page, or if it is a landing page, in the center so that it is easy to identify and you do not have to go around looking for ways to subscribe. Some are choosing to place it in a pop up or pop-up window that appears in the center of the screen when the page is opened and, although for some readers this is annoying, this method has better opening ratios.

     Be original with the call to action. Include arrows in the banner or pop-up, give it movement with a gif or, if you prefer, opt for a video that explains the reasons for subscribing.

    Ideally, you should do several tests using A/B testing, for example. If you do not know how to do them, here is a guide to guide you.



    As a free and simple informative publication that is, what you should always offer is information about new products or services, some temporary promotions or news of interest. You should not overload the reader or send newsletters at inopportune times. You must decide if it will be weekly, monthly or yearly, and that will depend on the strategy you define. If you have just launched the newsletter, do not make mistakes and keep in mind:

    – The email must be original, but simple and each section must be clearly identified. Give it personality with your corporate identity, for example, or with the theme to be seen.

    – Automate, as much as possible, emails such as the welcome or to ask for an e-book or any other content.

    – You must offer real and exclusive offers for those who follow the newsletter.

    – Like, if they are informative emails, they should be of interest to readers and be 100% related to the services or products you offer.

     The best time to send newsletters that include news is in the morning and until one in the afternoon.

     If they are promotions, they have to be sent with time so that the user can take advantage of it, specifying very well the duration of the promotion.

    – Do not fail. If you have decided that it is weekly, every Monday, you can not fail any. You must commit to being there and being there.


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