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  • How to connect with the consumer?

    17 July, 2018

    The secret to growing more and more lies in the ability to connect with the consumer, that is, to establish a relationship that goes beyond a commercial exchange. And the reality is that today, consumers are looking for a good shopping experience and connect with everything that surrounds them.


    1. Make them meet you. Through organic or paid positioning of the website or the App.

    2. Satisfy the needs and expectations of consumers. It is important that you study what consumers want and the way you could give it to them.

    3. Advertise. It is the only way to make you find you easily, find out where your consumers are and show yourself to them by inviting them to an action (banners on websites or social networks, emails, ads on search engines such as Google). Or you can also opt for native or traditional advertising.

    4. Differ from the competition. Why should you buy your product and not the competition? Find what sets you apart from others and highlight it.

    5. Hold conversations with them. Either through social networks or by mail, let them know they are important and appreciate them and maybe you can make them become prescribers of the brand.



    Identity and congruence

    It is the first thing that must be defined to connect with consumers, a well-defined identity with which many people can identify. Converting the brand into an idea or philosophy of life and keeping it with the passage of time can help.



    Connecting with consumers is not a day job, efforts must be maintained for a long time to see results and turn them into loyal customers.



    It is one of the most important things, be honest with the products and services you offer and avoid misleading advertising. Create strategies that put the value of your brand without lies, but it is the only way to build consumer loyalty.



    You have to monitor the conversation that is created about the brand, it is the best way to listen to what consumers expect from it.


     Originality and personalization

    With an original content and adapting each product or service to each of the consumers so that they really contribute something, a unique experience, for example. Identify in which phase of the funnel the client finds help to configure different actions for each phase.



    – Create your own database. To keep consumer data updated easily.

    – Analyze and give answers to the customer experience. Every time there is a new client, you have to study well how he found you, with what words your target looks for you, for example, or how to inform before realizing an action. Among other concepts such as the usability of the web and the use it gives of the media that are made available to them.

    – Always bring value. Either with a content strategy or giving an emotional touch to everything that is organized.

    – Work reputation and customer service. If mistakes are made, take them and try to solve them in the best possible way.

    – Guiding the client in all phases of the process. Call your attention, awaken interest and acquisition and offer actions.


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