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  • Facebook crisis: In the eye of the hurricane for data privacy

    26 June, 2018

    In the digital world in which we are immersed, the security of private data becomes more important, especially after the Facebook scandal of Cambridge Analytic, which found that this consultant had used the data of 50 millions of users coming from the social network for the campaign of Donald Trump.

    The data were obtained through the installation by more than 270 thousand people of an application that consisted of a personality test. Undoubtedly, this has been one of the biggest international scandals of the last year, and for that reason, the company is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States.

    El escándalo ha provocado una caída en el número de usuarios, en el precio de las accciones— perdió cerca de 60.000 millones de dólares en dos días— y en los ingresos publicitarios de Facebook.

    The scandal has caused a drop in the number of users, the share price— lost about 60 billion dollars in two days— and Facebook’s advertising revenue.

    At first, the reaction of the majority of users who expressed themselves on Twitter was of incomprehension, they could not explain what had happened:



    And his comments, almost entirely, were negative toward the company:


    And even many users expressed their intention to leave the social network to fear for their personal data:






    Instead of admitting it and regretting it, the first thing he did was to send letters to the media explaining why that leak was not exactly a violation of users’ privacy. He then vetoed Cambridge Analytica to use Facebook’s advertising platform and took immediate security measures.

    In this way, silence by its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg triumphed, and they decided to keep it until the internal investigation on what happened with the data was completed. Two days later, he posted a message on his Facebook wall where he acknowledged that they had a responsibility to protect that data and that they will continue to work to get it. “Finally, he appeared before the US Senate to accept responsibility for what happened

    Currently, it is also being investigated for filtering data from its users to mobile companies such as Huawei.


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