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  • How to make hackers difficult and increase your digital security

    19 June, 2018

    Currently, one of the companies’ biggest fears is being the victim of cyberattack. Controlling privileged or personal information about clients can turn you into a perfect target to be attacked by hackers. Therefore, always have an expert in technology and cybersecurity or take special care with some practices:


    – Avoid bad links. You can do this by checking where you are redirecting a link if you click on the address before you click, if it takes you to “x78fle.net” it is a dubious link.

    – You did not visit unsafe places. Make sure they have the padlock in front of the URL.

    – Suspicion of anyone who asks for too much information. Very frequent cases of identity theft, hackers make themselves pass perfectly by your bank, your telephone company or your mail provider and often ask for data that do not make sense and even threaten. Here are some tricks to combat phishing in the emails you receive.

    – Do not download anything that is from an unknown developer. Only download from trusted websites.

    – Choose a good password. Make it difficult to decipher and change it frequently.

    And is that all good security begins with the task of choosing a password when registering on a platform and usually opts for a simple to remember, but insecure and easy to guess.



    1. Use the same password for everything. The problem is that we can not remember a different password on each platform it joins. According to data collected by Gang Wang, a researcher at Virginia Techn, half of the users re-use the same password on every page or portal.

    2. Choose password for walking. It consists of using combinations of letters that are next to the keyboard like “qwerty” or “123456”.

    3. Choose names known as the password. From social networks like LinkedIn, brands like “ferrari” or “playboy” or even football teams: “Liverpoop” or “Chelsea”.

    4. Make references to viral concepts. Such as “Pokemon”, “Starwars” or music groups like “Greenday”, “Nirvana”, etc.

    5. Express feelings in passwords. Of love or hatred: “lovelove”, “ihateyou”, “iloveyou”, etc.



    There are some tricks to creating passwords that are secure and almost 100% impossible to hack. This is, above all, useful for wifi password.

    Use long passwords, longer than 8 characters.

     Interleave letters, numbers and even special symbols.

     Avoid using common or used words, places, phrases, etc.

    Use a totally unique password for each platform / account. The key is to point them all in a place where you can access easily and conveniently for you.

    Never use an insecure Wi-Fi connection, you risk being attacked by hackers more easily.

    A good option may be to use password generators to decide on one, save it well and manage it.


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