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    7 May, 2018

    The III Content Marketing Report in Spain, made by Hoyreka! – Company specializing in content marketing products and services – aims to make a general assessment of the situation in which content marketing is located in Spain. To do this, it evaluates the actions that provide the best results, analyzes the satisfaction of the companies with respect to them and forecasts the sector’s trends.



    1. Spanish companies apply content marketing strategies, but they do not finish identifying the marketing actions that are carried out.

    2. The objectives to launch a content marketing strategy have changed. The final goal of getting sales replaces getting leads, as companies have realized that the contents serve to attract and retain.

    3. Social networks are the main source of leads and where content strategies work best.

    4. The video format remains the main tool to offer content in a timeless manner.

    5. There is a strong lack of analysis of the results obtained from the strategies.

    6. And is that almost half of the companies analyzed do not measure the ROI, and that leads to a lack of knowledge of the benefits of the content marketing strategy.

    7. The budget allocated by Spanish companies to content marketing is still low, partly due to the lack of measurement of results.

    8. However, the level of satisfaction with the effectiveness of the strategies put in place is remarkable or outstanding for 74% of the respondents.



    This year it is expected that some trends that already took force in 2017 will be consolidated, such as the use of influencers and the creation of live content (video):

    Content remains the king of the customer journey  All the actions that are included in content marketing: videomarketing, mailing, infographics, blog posts, podcasts… They lead to a greater connection with the audience and help them move forward to make the process effective shopping.


    New formats that work: Ephemeral video retransmissions, podcasts New platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or Twitter have been consolidated as a direct connection with brands through their live videos that do not last over time. And podcasts, despite not being a novel format, have been reinterpreted as an effective and quick alternative generating content.


    Artificial intelligence Voice assistants are increasingly occupying a more important role in searches through mobile devices, especially among the youngest. In them, the content becomes another format that could be used to transmit relevant information from the brands.


    New trends in Content Marketing: Augmented reality, virtual and 360º video This is the year in which more companies are risking augmented reality campaigns, such as a recent one carried out by Zara: for two weeks the shop windows will be empty and will show a QR code to access the application of the brand and, through this, the customer can see the garments that carry two models.
    Always from transparency Fake news has been taking a place nowadays and is causing great damage to the reputation of platforms such as Facebook. To fight against them, the best thing is transparency.


    Hyper-personalization of content You will achieve greater success the more personalized the contents and the more adapted they are to the audience. For this reason, the algorithms that access demographic data and previous searches are gaining more strength in order to offer recommendations for related content as, for example, YouTube does.


     Microinfluencers Now the best option is to choose microinfluencers, those who have up to 100,000 followers and are specialized in a specific field (fitness, food, etc). This is because the followers are more regular, more faithful and give them more confidence.
     Social Media as a viralization channel Social networks have become a channel that works especially to achieve viral content, so the campaigns are very effective.
    The Content Marketing Plan is essential Establishing a content marketing plan and keeping track of the KPIs is key to achieving success in content marketing. The best option is to think first about the recipient and then see how that content is adapted to the available and most effective supports and formats.

    As for the content itself, the more you are focused on a niche and the more local, the better. It is becoming less effective to want to cover more topics, so it is best to bet on the trends that mark the main activity of the brand.


    Regarding the formats and supports, we must bear in mind that we tend towards a content consumption more mobile-first than anything else, so we must think about adapting those contents to the different devices. Always adapting the pieces of content and creating new ones depending on the success they may have in those other media (convert the content into an e-book, for example).


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