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  • How to avoid the temptation of Black Hat SEO

    17 April, 2018

    In SEO, Black Hat is known as the attempt to position a website in the search engines using unethical techniques or that goes against Google’s foundations. You get good results in the short term and you can climb quickly in the Google scale, but in the long term can be more than a headache. And it is that the giant increasingly penalizes them more:



    – Cloaking: It’s a very common deception. It consists of showing different contents depending on whether it is a user or a Google bot that is viewing or analyzing the web.

    – Keyword Stuffing: This is the excessive use of keywords within a text to position it in a forced and faster in those terms. This was done very frequently at the beginning of the Internet, where whole paragraphs of the same keyword were made with the background color. Although there is no secret formula to know how many keywords should be used in a text, especially, you have to do it naturally. Google peliza this over-optimization hard.

    – Spinning: It consists of creating an article by collecting parts of original texts and, with the help of software, changing words with synonyms, changing the order of content and words. So, you can create a lot of items, but they are not quality. To solve this problem together with the use of low value links or purchased Google was updated with Penguin.

    – Hidden text: it is one of the oldest practices and consists in writing many times the keywords with the same background color and a size so small that it is imperceptible to the user.

    – Expired domains: it consists of buying expired domains in order to redirect to the website.

    – Spam comments: make comments on other blogs or websites, either manually or automatically, to gain traffic to the web.

    – Spam with links: create a large number of blogs and websites that contain links in order to make false linkbuilding and improve the positioning of all websites.



     An SEO focused on users, more natural and ethical. With relevant external and internal links and without buying.

     Useful and original information. It is not worth the one that is copied from another site or that has nothing to do with the sector.

     Optimized keywords. Choose those that best suit the main activity. You can also learn how to make an effective research keyword.

    At this point, it is interesting to know what Google rewards SEO and what else penalizes.


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