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  • Branding: Psychology of colors, fonts and logos

    20 March, 2018

    In the corporate identity are included philosophy, culture, communication and corporate image. This image uses colors, shapes, sources to reflect all of the above and is the largest expression that identifies the brand and is composed of:

     Name: It is the most primordial element at the time that everyone can easily remember the brand. You have to choose a source that is consistent with the sector and with the impression you want to transmit, for example, with a more casual or more serious.

     Logo and isotype: it is the first symbol of identification of the brand, which calls the attention of consumers.

     Colours: serves to convey emotions and values that are intended to be related to the company as trust, affordability, etc.





    The brain responds differently to different forms of logos. The straight lines, the circles, the curves and the jagged edges imply different meanings:

    The circles or ovals convey a positive emotional message and can suggest community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. The rings suggest stability and resistance while the curves, in general, have a feminine connotation.

    The forms with straight edges such as squares and triangles suggest stability and balance. They can also be used to imply strength, professionalism and efficiency.

    Vertical lines are associated with masculinity, strength and aggression while horizontal lines suggest community, tranquillity and calmness.



    The type of font to choose: irregular or with an angle, which can appear as aggressive or dynamic. On the other hand, the soft and rounded letters give it a youthful appeal.

    – The letters Serif (with auctions) are appropriate for long texts, since they create an imaginary line under the text that helps to read. They are perceived as more serious, traditional or corporate.

    – The letters Sans Serif are great for short texts, it reads well in small spaces like posters or headlines. They transmit modernity, neutrality, minimalism, etc.

    – The manuscripts reflect creativity and elegance. Although you have to use an appropriate one, as they often hinder readability.

    – The fantasy ones are created with a specific motive in order to give the maximum of personality to the letters.


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