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  • Reputation crisis in social networks: El Pozo

    15 March, 2018

    On Sunday, February 4, 2018, Stranger Pigs program on ‘Salvados’, in which Jordi Évole and his team put the focus on the Spanish pork meat industry. They caught images of malnourished, sick pigs and some even dead in the cages that are in a farm in Murcia called Hermanos Carrasco, a supplier of a livestock subsidiary of El Pozo, Cefusa.

    This caused that a barrage of negative reactions in social networks was triggered:


    Algunos estaban muy conmocionados e indignados:



    :And thus became the hashtag #ElPozoMiente Trending Topic on Twitter, occupying the second position:



    The NGO Equality Animal, which participated in the program and have launched a collection of signatures for a strict animal welfare policy, reacted to the response that El Pozo gave:



    El Pozo did not want to participate in the program, but since he knew it was going to be broadcast, he prepared a response and shared a statement on social networks in which they assured that the images correspond to an area of health recovery and that these animals would never enter. the food chain.


    In the last communiqué, they assure that the criteria have been revised and that the sanitary slaughter process of the animals has increased and that both the veterinary staff and the frequency of controls on the supplier farms have increased.
    However, they have not been able to prevent the scandal from reaching an international impact and causing consequences such as three European supermarkets withdrawing products from El Pozo.

    After this, the company decided to disassociate completely from the farm and stop working with her. But this does not mean that the problem is solved. El Pozo may have reacted quickly and knowingly, but he has not managed to stop the criticism by maintaining an attitude of total denial and without going further in the explanations.



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