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  • 8 brands that have renewed their identity this 2017

    1 March, 2018

    This year, many brands have wanted to give a different turn to corporate identity. Changing aspects such as the logo, the structure of the web, corporate colours or typography can revitalize the brand and enhance its positioning. This is what some of them have done:

    1. SKYPE

    This year it has launched a new logo, more stylized and in line with the design of Microsoft. It is a simplified version of the previous logo in which only the white S has a blue background. In addition, this logo comes from the hand of a restructuring and austere new design with more features of both the website and the App.

    2. FÓRMULA 1

    After 23 years with the same, Formula 1 we anticipated his new logo much more minimalist, inspired by the low cars of racing and represents two cars crossing the finish line. The idea is to get rid of the word “Formula 1” in the future. This has been the first advance, since the official re-launch of the brand will be in March 2018.

    3. CABIFY

    On its fifth anniversary, it has decided to redefine its brand under the name “Cabify Purple” with which it made known its new philosophy based on proximity, the community of passengers and fun. The new concept will also reflect the movement and evolution of the trip with the geometric shape of the logo. In this way, it leaves behind its previous yellow and black logo, thus simplifying the design of the app by a simpler and more austere one.

    4. JAZZTLE

    After 20 years without changing its corporate image, Jazztle intends to position itself with this new design as a low-cost company compared to its parent company, which is Orange since 2015. To differentiate itself, it abandons the capital letters and abandons its characteristic orange color for a yellow one. The launching campaign has as its ‘claim’ the word “wow!” as a reference to low prices.


    To launch the rebranding campaign with its new slogan “The future is exciting, ready?”, Vodafone has released brand image with a simpler logo (in 2D) in which prominence is given, above all, to the quote.

    6. YOUTUBE

    This year has presented a new logo and icon, much more flexible to adapt to all devices. It is a combination of your old logo and the icon. In addition, they have redesigned the web with more features to provide a simpler and more intuitive user experience.


    New brand image that goes from blue and red to purple and pink to show a younger, fun and open ski center. “Intensely Sierra Nevada” is the ‘claim’ that accompanies the new logo.

    8. BLA BLA CAR

    He has done a radical redesign of his logo in which he abandons the three colors (green, blue and red) for a blue and two shades of green, and in which he changes the typography to a more modern one. All in order to highlight the most essential service: social relations with those two quotes that resemble seats and the two B of Bla Bla.


    It has also launched a new algorithm that multiplies the number of trips by 10, since it allows you to determine exact points of departure and arrival instead of agreeing on a meeting point or the center of the city.

    If you want to know how other brands have done it, here you can see the main corporate identity changes of the past year.

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