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  • Operational vs. strategic marketing

    22 February, 2018

    When carrying out a marketing plan, there are two levels: operational and strategic, which directly influence the business management model:

    1. The strategic one takes into account the values and objectives of the companies (data, market analysis …).

    2. The operational actions and decisions to be implemented (promotion, mailing …). All companies must work synchronized both dimensions.



    It is the one that directly generates sales

    It focuses on the performance of the company itself and seeks to minimize the costs of the plan

    Operates more in the short-medium term

    It is based on actions related to communication, product policies, pricing, distribution and communication

     It is in constant contact with strategic marketing



    It is the one that generates the global business strategy to reach success

    Place the customer in the centre

    Operates more long-term

    It is based on actions related to the study and deep analysis of the company’s environment (customers and competitors, opportunities and threats …)

     It is in constant contact with strategic marketing



    Monitoring and coordination of actions: All actions must be perfectly defined and coordinated among themselves.

    Product characteristics: It focuses on the values and impressions that the product can transmit to achieve the highest number of sales.

    Study commercial policies: That the products adapt to the environment and the projection that they intend to achieve in each one of them.

    Set the prices and conditions of the distribution. It specifies the exit price of the product and how it will be distributed to the points of sale.

    – Define communication strategies. It establishes the way in which the product will be introduced in the market and how it will be promoted.

    – Prepare the budget. Considering all the expenses falls within the commercial strategy and optimizing it from the most elementary to least important is the key.



    – Study the market: competitors and consumers (habits)

    – Evaluate the current demand

    – Detect new customer needs in order to create a product based on that competitive advantage

    – Define basic objectives of the company and a global business strategy

    What must be clear is that one does not work without the other, the success of the global strategy is based on unifying both dimensions as elementary parts of a whole process.


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