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    8 February, 2018


    Social Influencer Marketing consists in carrying out the promotion of a brand through a person who has charisma, fame and influence in a specific sector. With this, the brand can get an idea or even offers to its target audience easily and directly.

    According to a study by Musefind, 92% of consumers trust more in the opinion of an influencer than in traditional advertisements. Last year was the trend that most significantly improved the audience of brands and improved their sales and this year continues down the same path.



    There are many platforms that can help an influencer work for a brand:

    SocialPubli. It is in charge of putting brands in contact with those who are interested in being influencers and making money according to the followers they have on social networks.

    Buzzsumo. From keywords you can locate the influencers of that particular sector. It also allows you to see the type of content and the links they share.

    Trolldor. This tool is used to check if a Twitter account is a real influencer or just a troll and thus discard those that do not interest.

    There are also tools that can help you manage different accounts in different social networks:

    Audiense. Before SocialBro, specific platform to manage profiles on Twitter.

    Hootsuite. It is an application that allows you to manage several profiles in social networks at the same time.

    Postcron. It allows to program publications in different social networks.

    Pirendo. Serves, to a large extent, to control the image of your brand on social networks.



    1. Determine the objective of the strategy. Define clear and feasible goals. Make all actions look in that direction.

    2. Plan all the actions you want to carry out. Make a plan with all the tactics and actions: the idea, the message, etc. And design each piece of strategy.

    3. Choose one or more influential people. They have to be personalities that suppose a strong authority in your field, be they opinion leaders, celebrities, experts, etc. You can use Klout, Appinions or Brandwatch to measure the influence of all the people that can be selected.

    4. Contact directly with the Influencer. Try to speak openly and directly with the influencer and define well your objectives and the actions that will be carried out as well as the budget.

    5. Offer gifts of your products or services. Turn the influencer into the best ambassador of your brand in order to use it and show it to his followers.

    6. Follow up on all actions. After carrying them out, you should analyze all the results very well: visits received on the web,% of purchases, reach of the hashtag, total of interactions, increase of followers, etc.




    She is the fashion influencer with the most Instagram followers in Spain with more than 2 million followers.


    If you want to know more about how Dulceida earns a living, click here.

     Cara Delevingne.

    The model and actress has more than 40 million followers. The key is in the naturalness that overflows his Instagram account and his breakthrough looks.

     Kayla Itsines

    She is one of the main fitness influencers of 2017 for all the advice she has offered to a large number of people. It has 16 million followers on Facebook.

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