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  • What to choose: Static or dynamic website?

    6 February, 2018

    When a web project is underway, one of the first things to decide if it will be a static or dynamic page. Depending on what is needed from the website, you must choose one type or another. You also have to take into account the hurry that there is to make the web public, everything influences.


    The static page serves to show clients the history, the products or services offered and, above all, to make themselves known and to be present in the range of companies that make up the sector.


    This is ideal for those companies that want to make sales, store statistics, install other applications and base part of their activity on the web.

    If considering all the above you still do not have it clear, you can ask yourself the following question: what is the best for SEO?

    The reality is that Google controls almost three-quarters of the business of web positioning, so you should keep in mind these recommendations to climb positions faster. One of them is that the search engine values new content, so the ideal option would be a dynamic page that also has a blog that is updated periodically. In addition, dynamic websites are also a good option to update easily by using a CMS platform (WordPress) and, without having to enter the server, you can make all the changes you want.

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