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  • Brand safety: do you know where your ads are?

    23 January, 2018

    Caring for brand safety has become essential for brands to maintain a stable reputation, without major crises or setbacks. Thanks to programmatic advertising it is possible to make users receive useful information and that really interests them, however, the advertiser can not ensure 100% that their ads are not displayed in contexts that may damage the image.

    There are cases of major brands that have had to face crises because they appear alongside inappropriate content such as pornography or terrorism. The problem becomes even more complicated with videos that can launch subliminal messages against the brand’s principles or revolve around a controversial issue such as politics.


     Define your limits

    The first thing to do is define where you want to appear, especially, and where not. All companies are not interested in the same thing. For example, a bank will not want to appear near negative financial news, but a car repair service will not mind. It must be clear what content would be unacceptable and activate filters in those categories.

    Use keywords whenever you can

    Position yourself with respect to specific concepts. In this way, you make sure that you are going to move around content on that field. If you want to know what keywords to select, click here.

    Analyze in depth

    Either inappropriate or fraudulent web pages that are included in the black-list. If you want to analyze also the potential videos in which you can appear you can use the tool of Integral Ad Science, which values them for you.

    Block vulnerabilities in real time

    With the previous tool you can also set filters to prevent ads from showing on pages that do not meet the requirements you add.

    Use reliable tools

    Facebook and YouTube, for example, have already taken measures to block extremist or hate-based content.



    1. Integral Ad Science. In addition to analyzing the videos for you, they have a blocking system with which ads are not published on pages identified as unsafe.

    2. Cadreon. Combat fraud by analyzing campaigns to check that they reach the people that interest each brand, evaluate all traffic and block any content in real time.

    3. Moat. This tool offers visibility guarantees.


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