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  • Why do fraud and digital assistants bring brands to the fore?

    29 December, 2017

    In recent years, the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has intensified and has yielded great results that have not yet been fully exploited. One of the main protagonists are the chatbots, which are postulated as the biggest revolution in customer service, since they can work 365 days a year, speak all languages ​​or interact with several people at the same time. Very fast progress has been made in new technological tools that help to automate processes, but not much has been done on how they could be implemented. On the other hand, fraud continues to be one of the most serious problems that brands have to face every day.



    Las tres grandes preocupaciones de las marcas son los siguientes:

    The three major concerns of the brands are the following:

     Robots. Currently, it is considered a great challenge to find profitability completely. Companies have to get to implement chatbots and robots in a way that saves time and money.

     Advertising traffic fraud. 10% of the spikes in advertising fraud occur due to the completion of the verification. This is a major concern for all advertising market players, as it hides the forgery of domains and other frauds, and even prevents impressions from going through the verification process. There is also fraud in mobile applications with fake users coming from bots or malware and the manipulation of attribution through fraudulent clicks.

     The visibility. It may be that, budget problems, do not bet on what is due to the visibility of the brand. You have to work constantly to be present in those places where the client is.

     Brand safety. On many occasions the ads appear in inappropriate places, in environments of violence, fanaticism or hatred. You have to keep an eye on where we advertise and have zero tolerance if they run on inappropriate content.

     Big Data. It is a problem due to the fact that the volume of data that is available is not yet fully exploited.



    Against fraud, some of the recommendations offered by SpotX and DoubleVerify are to control abnormal traffic spikes and find discrepancies between the number of impressions purchased with the help of the programmatic and the number of impressions that are reflected in the verification reports. For visibility and brand safety you have to maintain an active attitude and anticipate any problem that may arise.

    What is clear is that artificial intelligence and robots are unstoppable and have come to stay. According to the latest data, in 2035, it will double annual economic growth rates and improve labor productivity by 40%. Only those companies that fight against fraud, are transparent and can make artificial intelligence an ally in business strategy will be able to stand out and survive in this globalized world.


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