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  • What is relationship marketing and how can it help you grow in your business?

    13 December, 2017

    Relationship marketing refers to that which revolves around the client and the perspective that not everything is based on attracting customers, but rather on establishing a long-term relationship with both parties in which they are satisfied. It does not seek immediate results, but rather proposes to extend the relationship with customers as much as necessary to achieve its objective. It is a philosophy based on providing value and generating confidence that allows loyalty and maximize the profitability of the client over time.


     Humanize your brand. That in your company the most important thing is people, before anything else. To do this, comment something with them on social networks, search if they have a blog or congratulate them on their birthday. In short, that he perceives that you remember him and you care. As long as you are not too heavy and do it with your heart, you will have good results.

     Experiences help customer loyalty. At the end of the day, it is a more efficient type of customer service. You have to aim to always improve the interaction and find out what can cause reactions and positive feelings in the client. An example of this is the strategy of Stradivarius in the perfume that can be smelled in all its stores, which gets the customer to remember the brand for its smell. You loyalty more easily.

     It differentiates you from the competition. If you constantly interact with customers, you will stand out from the competition. They see that you care, they remember you more easily and they choose you instead of another company. For example, this happens when the customer service in some cafeterias is exquisite; If the waiter calls you by your name, even if it is farther away, you go to that cafeteria.

     It helps you grow and be able to better meet their needs. The fact that you focus on knowing more about your client only means that you can offer a product or service more adapted to him, that he is happier and shares more information with you. Invests in analysis to continue knowing and, throughout the relationship, to continue going beyond their needs.

    All this you can get, which is not little. In addition to giving a different touch to working life, more entertained by the continuous contact with the client. After all, life is based a little on the relationships we establish with people. We are social beings, we can not help it. It comes naturally to try to socialize at all times.



    – Contact the client when and how he wants it. You have to know it very thoroughly to know when you want to be contacted and in what way, do not do it lightly and reflect a lot on this. If you do not, you can lead to rejection.

    – Each of the messages that you send from the company are decisive and, therefore, you must take care of them in a rigorous way. As well as the website and here are some tips to improve the user experience.

    – To generate trust and value it is necessary that you dialogue with the client and offer him / her at all times useful information (and even through a blog, ebooks or content in another type of format), that will lead to an increase in sales.

    – It’s very important that you personalize everything. The only way for the client to feel that you are close to him and that he receives exclusive treatment is by personalizing the emails, for example, since they are opened much more than the generic ones.

    – Open a file of each client. You must remember some elementary aspects about the person: where he lives, what his name is, how he wants you to call him, what circle you share … All this will make you have a closer relationship.

    – Offer promotions and personalized offers according to the needs of each client, this is elementary. Not all services are generally applicable to all customers. In addition, the client will value it in a very positive way and will remember what you have done for him.

    – Something equal or more important is that you maintain a good service throughout the relationship and never disappoint. That will make you trust you in future projects, which will remember you at any time of need similar to the service provided.


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