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  • How much time do you need to scale positions in Google

    28 November, 2017

    The first question that comes to mind when you start working on content marketing is: How long will it take to be well positioned in Google?

    According to a study by Ahrefts, a company specializing in SEO that has studied 2 million keywords and the same number of web pages, the minimum is 1 year for those completely new or recently added pages. However, it influences a lot if the website contains keywords with a lot of competition in its own sector, then it would take much longer to go climbing positions in the search engine. Moreover, the study shows that only 3% of SMEs with a website of a year old are on the first page of Google.


    1. Browse the entire web and read all the content thanks to the links and the sitemap.

    2. Deduce the main keywords of all the images and the text.

    3. Analyze the links (external and internal), number of visits, incoming links and their origin, which is original content and not copied from other websites, etc.

    4. Indexates the web, that is, places it between the different lists in the search results.



      The name of the domain should be as short as possible and very descriptive. Do not include numbers.

      It includes meta descriptions of 150 characters exactly. For this and for the keywords, it may be useful to have the Yoast SEO plugin installed.

      Avoid spelling mistakes.

      If you have just made your website public, send a sitemap.xml of the site through the Google webmaster tool, Search Console. This will index it well and know that it exists.

      All the text of the web, both titles and subtitles, must be less than 65 characters.

      The best option is to bet on making good use of link building.

      Be active in social networks. Google values ​​them as another source of positioning and considers your activity and the relevance of your content.



    – Deceive Google and try to climb positions using other formulas not recommended. Because, in the end, you risk being penalized and disappear from the search engine completely.

    – Include links little or nothing relevant to your content. You must include links that are directly related to the content and that really enrich the text.

    – Include too much advertising on your website. You must have the fair and necessary publicity so that the content can be seen easily.

    – Trick the user. Offering content that is not what is found on the web.

    However, doing all this does not mean that you get to be among the top 10 results in a year, so do not despair. The question is to go climbing positions and the user can get to you first. If you want to know more about what awards and what penalizes Google in SEO, click here.


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