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  • Snapchat and its new self-service advertising platform

    23 November, 2017

    Snapchat has joined the trend that Facebook and Google already led in the advertising market with its own ad management services. Previously, you could only make campaigns on Snapchat through intermediary agencies, but today with Snap Ads you can customize, optimize and analyze the ads you want to make in this social network.

    It is a strategy of the company to raise its billing information, which did not exceed the targets last year and has been truly affected by the appearance of Instagram Stories in August 2016:

    Faced with this loss of quota, Snapchat needs advertisers to trust in the new advertising platform and is that it still has 150 million daily active users watching 10,000 million video reproductions, with sound, per day. This supposes a quite high engagement to take into account.

    The platform includes the Snap Publisher tool that greatly facilitates the work of the advertiser:

     It allows you to easily import your own content that you want to convert into an ad

     Adapts horizontal videos to their unique vertical format

     Offer templates and ad filters depending on different objectives

     It makes it possible to add movement to static images

     Allows you to do different A / B ad tests to measure performance

     It offers the possibility to buy through the Ad Manager with a single click

    All this helps reduce the headache of converting other content such as YouTube videos in Snap ads and means that not only large companies can afford to advertise on social networks.



    To start making announcements, you must enter here with your account. First, you find the general tab where the active campaigns and the metrics that correspond to them are reflected.

    If you want to launch your first campaign, click on “Create campaign” and you can choose between 4 types according to the objectives:


    1. Generate visits on the web

    2. Downloads in the App

    3. Increase in brand awareness

    4. Increase in video views

    Next, you have to choose audience location, gender, age range, languages ​​and other demographics. In addition, it also allows you to define your tastes or interests. Try to be as accurate as possible at this point. And, finally, it offers to choose between the type of operating system, device and operator that the user uses together with the budget that we want to invest:

    And here comes the time to customize the ad. You have to import the images, the video and the texts that you want to use and mount it in Snap Publisher. When you check in the preview that everything is correct, you can validate and launch the campaign. Then it will appear in the general tab and it is very important that you follow the metrics it offers to know how it is working.


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