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  • 6 reasons to love the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    22 November, 2017


    The CRO is a method of analysis focused on optimizing the web to improve the conversion, that is, that most of the traffic performs the action you are looking for that they do and become clients. For this, you have to identify the public, who they are and what they want, to know what are the motivations that can lead users to take specific actions on the website.



    The CRO is a process that includes:

    1st phase: Analysis of the situation. The current conversion rate is analyzed, which can be the problem or greater impediment to make it higher by scrutinizing page views, bounce%, heat maps, user surveys, etc.

    2nd phase: We propose the objectives and the versions of changes that could increase the conversion rate.

    3rd phase: Changes and tests A/B. All the variants of design and typography raised are made. You can make changes to copywriting, that is, vary the persuasive texts that appear on the web for others more attractive; Design changes varying those visual elements due to the fact that they directly affect the conversion rate.

    In addition, you have to control the metrics (using Google Analytics, for example) to launch the tests and analyze the results.

    4th phase: Checking results. At this point, it is necessary to verify to what extent the conversion ratio has increased after making the changes.

    We see it better with an example: For a landing page whose objective is to promote a course, a campaign is launched on social networks. You get a conversion rate of 8%, but in the mobile the rate drops to 3%. What you have to do is reflect and hypothesize what might be giving problems in the ad shown in the mobile version, for example, that the ad does not look good. Then you have to apply an A / B test and verify if the conversions increase from the mobiles.

    And back to start. It is a process that has to be repeated over time to keep up with design trends and variations in user behavior.



     It helps you to know your customers better. The moment you start up A/B tests you will know how your users behave and the best way to please them.

     Attract more customers. Without looking for it, understanding your customers better will make you offer a user experience that will be satisfactory for many others who do not yet know you.

     It helps you earn more. It is the main benefit it brings. The more users you convert, the greater profits you will get.

     It is profitable. With the CRO you can spend more for the printing of ads than your competitors, and even invest in other marketing actions that give you even more benefits.

     It allows to exploit traffic to the maximum. By not focusing on attracting more traffic, but in that it is increasingly effective and get more customers.

     It helps SEO. Google will improve your positioning in the search engine if you apply the CRO, since it values ​​that more and more users who enter your website find what they are looking for and stay with you longer.

    The CRO is a method of analysis focused on optimizing the web to improve the conversion, that is, the traffic performs the action you want it to do.


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