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  • How geomarketing can help you to be closer to your customers

    18 November, 2017

    Geomarketing is one of the trends most present today and is to study the environment of a business; your customers, points of sale and competition regarding the location where you are. It is responsible for collecting all the relevant information about the market and its customers-profile, segments and how they are organized in the region-in order to carry out promotions or identify new business opportunities.


     Greater value in direct marketing actions/customer service

    Identify new points of sale, branches or offices, new competition, distributors, etc

    Easily design optimal sales routes

    Define sales by customer, by area, by sector or geographical area such as by municipality or state

    Consider new business locations

    Choose more successfully the type of marketing or advertising campaign

     Analyze the potential of the market, verifying the type of public that there is around to know how much they are willing to pay for services



    To know the geographical area well, you have to consult several sources:

    1. INE census. Specify the number of inhabitants in the area. In addition, you can also consult other reports or annual studies related to the activity of the sector.

    2. Census of the city. With which you can find out which area is more

    3. The street map of the electoral census. It can help you to map customers.

    4. Cadastre. It is essential when it comes to knowing the presence of other businesses, types of housing, seniority of the area, among others.

    5. Cartociudad. It is free and you can see the area of ​​influence and perform an analysis of the field of action, for example, to send advertising by mail.

    6. Open data of Spain. Some relevant reports in relation to traffic in the area, tourism or another that is relevant to your business.
    With mobile technology and GPS has radically changed the way of understanding geomarketing and has made it an elementary strategy for local businesses. How? Not only with the location data of the individual, but the apps and social networks offer information about the positioning of the users and the possibility of accessing them through push notifications of businesses that are close to him, for example.


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