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  • How to generate leads online and offline

    11 November, 2017


    A lead is a contact who has left his data by means of a form on the landing page, for example, in exchange for content that interested him. And, in this way, they become potential customers and become part of the database. It is important to know in what stage or stage of purchase they are to perform an effective segmentation. For this, it must be analyzed:

    – What content has been downloaded

    – What other actions have you carried out?

    – And, finally, what buyer person represents

    Determine all these parameters helps to know what needs each user and what offers to him that are completely useful and satisfactory.



    Implementing a lead generation strategy helps significantly in attracting customers. You can get leads through online channels, such as the following:

     Email marketing

    It is the lead nurturing system par excellence. You have to segment the contacts in several groups depending on the phase you are in during the purchase process to develop different creatives and promotions. You also have to take into account the time of sending the emails.

     Display advertising

    The banners continue to provide a high rate of leads. If you bet on the right design and you get a successful site, you can get a large volume of leads at a relatively cheap cost.

     Video advertising 

    What works best to get leads through video advertising is to request through embedded banners in the videos that users provide their email.

     Social networks

    Although some are still reluctant to receive advertising impacts on social networks, it is shown that a large majority is willing to offer their data in exchange for getting in this way and 39% do not mind that it shows advertising according to the latest annual study social networks in Spain 2017. If you are interested in some tips on how to create leads on LinkedIn, click here.

    Search engine marketing.

    Include ads in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo usually have good conversion rates. But you must segment the audience well to reach those potential customers who could provide data.

    But they can also be obtained offline:

     Sending direct mail by mail

    Sending advertising by mail can be a good option to attract the attention of customers who are not so present in the online world. But you have to do it in an original way and, as far as possible, personalized.


    Being present on television, as well as on the radio or the press is an effective action in the generation of leads and sales. Choose the hours in which the advertising is cheaper and you can even get direct sales through this channel.


    People who attend an event are already more predisposed to offer their data to those companies they are interested in. Raffles can be carried out whose requirements are to complete a file with the name, the corporate email and a telephone.

     Street marketing campaigns

    Carrying out a street marketing action at the right time of day and location can give very good results in terms of capturing leads. If to participate in the activity, for example, then they must register on a landing page or if product samples are offered.

    Once you’ve got leads, you should be able to send the content that each user wants at the right time. For this, you can start a drip campaign, here it is how to do it.


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