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  • 5 reasons to put your hand in the fire by email marketing

    30 October, 2017

    Having a mailing list is very useful to retain new users and be in contact with those who already are. One of the most important things is to increase it steadily – without haste, but without pause – to have more and more scope. There are two general ways to get new emails:

    – Via opt-out: The data is obtained from the user accepting the privacy conditions in an activity such as a survey or a contest on social networks.

    – Via opt-in: it is based on getting contacts on websites and blogs through the use of forms where users can subscribe to newsletters.

    Once you have created the database, the email addresses are entered in the application from where you will send emails. It is essential that you automate this process with platforms such as MailChimp or Mailrelay.



    1. Email is the best way to reach audiences directly without any intermediary. Build credibility before trying to sell them anything, otherwise, you will only lose them from the list.

    2. It is expanding thanks to social networks. It is a good channel to create reading habits on more in-depth and extensive information that is offered on social networks to some users. It is like an extension of what is in them. In addition, users often use their email accounts to create accounts on social networks and, therefore, are driven by them.

    3. Users who subscribe to the newsletter are already more than predisposed and interested in receiving information. It allows you to create a relationship of trust and value with your subscribers and that makes it more effective against other channels.

    4. It allows the constant contact between the brand and the users in a personalized way. You can automate the email so that you include the user’s name and other personalized data to offer greater proximity. Massive email marketing campaigns no longer work. And no matter what device users are using, you’ll be there.

    5. It offers higher conversion rates and a huge number of clicks on the website. In fact, according to Experian, commercial emails register 8 times more openings and clicks than any other type of email and generate 6 times more return on investment.



    Some of the strategies you can follow to add more contacts to your mailing list are the following:

     Create content updates for the highest performing publications. To the publications of the blog that have obtained greater traffic and participation, add an incentive or exclusive content related to the above.

     Make lists creation promotions. It includes the acceptance form to participate in the promotion superimposed on the rest of the content of the web.

      The landing pages. Where users see directly the button from which they can claim the service or product, always including the benefits.

     Keep creating valuable content. The best are the blog posts that you update constantly, but web seminars and content from social networks are also very effective.

    If you want to know how to carry out effective email marketing campaigns, click here.


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