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  • How to make a good web design and not die trying

    23 October, 2017

    Make a great web design is based on finding the balance between what users need (usability and quality content) and what makes it easy to index by search engines (positioning by using keywords, appropriate sections and other aspects). For this last, it is very useful to know what the main search engine likes, Google. It will be very easy if you have a minimum of knowledge in web design and if you also have a very visual perspective.




    1. Take care of the colors. It is not just decoration, color plays a very key role in web design because it provides a lot of information and transmit a stimulus to the user from minute one. It can help the development of the brand if you get the whole web to be in harmony around the color tones chosen strategically.

    2. Use icons, rather than tabs. Each time, browsing tends to be mobile and placing recognizable icons makes the web much easier and more intuitive than using text tabs.

    3. Select the correct type. And do not use more than three different families. Try to make the titles more original and the text very simple and clear.

    4. Place the call-to-action buttons well. This is the most important thing since what we want when a user enters the web is that they make a conversion: subscribe to the newsletter, buy a product or follow us on social networks.

    5. Compress the content of the page, especially the images. This will take much less time to load and users will not give up trying to access the website.
    6. Take into account SEO. For example, including a correct keyword density, sections and organization of well-maintained and well-indexed pages, as well as goals, links and site map, among others. It is very simple with a blog. It will serve to attract traffic to the web and optimize it in the search engines and place it in higher positions.



     The most important thing is that the web has a responsive design. The trend is to navigate more and more through devices, which makes the content have to adapt to all of them. This will significantly improve the user experience.

    Try to keep up to date with all the news and trends in web design. You can do this through platforms such as Behance or media such as Gràffica.

    Pay special attention to the design of the corporate logo, it must be simple and with colours that convey what you want.

    Video and images are the favourite content of users and if you include them on the web, it will be much more attractive. You can also use gifs, but you must place them in the ideal place.



    – Do not abuse advertising. Do not include more than three ads per page, otherwise you will saturate the user.

    – Make the web completely secure. The best thing is that you choose to install the SSL certificate to pass the http website to https.

    – The structure of the contents must be logical, for this, create a path that the user can easily follow.

    – Do not include elements that are not useful. Sometimes, less is more.

    – Do not be conventional. Try to be as original as you can in the design, do not abuse the predetermined themes.

    – Do not be overwhelmed if you do not know how to do something. Consult what you do not know how to do, there will always be someone who has had the same problem and you can find it on websites, blogs or videos on YouTube.

    – DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS. It gives the feeling that you are screaming and it is not pleasing to the eye.

    With all this you can carry out a good web design, for example, corporate. If you want to learn how to design a perfect landing page, click here.


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