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  • Why landing pages are so important

    13 October, 2017

    A landing page is a web specifically designed to achieve conversions. The goal is to please and seduce all those who come to it from any route whether social networks, links from other websites or ads. It is one of the best ways to get records or leads (potential customers), but also serve to make direct sales and get an immediate conversion. And, in turn, it serves to obtain the credentials and contact information from new clients to start studying how to build loyalty.


    There are some elements that can not be missing when designing an effective landing page:

     Direct and clear product description.

     All necessary information perfectly visible: Prices and benefits of the product.

     Call to action that can be seen with the naked eye.

     Product reviews or current customers to convey confidence.

    You will be able to convert more if all are in full consonance in the web design. Here we have some very successful examples:





    Audiense sells your product, the social networking tool, directly on your landing page. Therefore, offer a trial period or learn more about the platform.


    Many bloggers use their landing page to get potential customers in exchange for content using a form. Vilma Núñez is a reference blogger about marketing and aims to build loyalty to those people who are predisposed only by the mere fact of reaching this website, for example, from social networks.

    In this case, Constant Contact offers its free service with a very easy and intuitive landing page.

    Industrial Streng Marketing shows a form directly to offer more information about its services.

    Conversionlab presents its service through the trust that transmits the image of a person.


    On the other hand, through Google Adwords you can verify the level of quality of the landing page in two different ways:

    1. Performing a diagnosis of keywords.

    In the Campaigns tab, select Keywords and click on the bubble that appears next to each of them to see information about your quality level. In addition, it provides data on the expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance and landing page experience.

    2. Adding the quality level column.

    On the same site, click on the Columns drop-down menu on the top toolbar. Choose Modify columns and Lvl. quality and it will be added to the statistics table.

    Also, take into account these recommendations when it comes to making users loyal to the web.

    Do you need a landing page? Contact us.


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