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  • What rewards and what penalizes Google in SEO

    25 September, 2017

    Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. Everyone wants to be his friend and be positioned in a good place in searches to be found more easily. It is an advantage compared to those who do not care about SEO. For this reason, many people try to cheat to be in the top positions without much effort. However, it is increasingly difficult to trick Google, it penalizes those practices that it considers unethical and contradicts its basic guidelines:



    That you work well the SEO. The search engine rewards those who make good use of the tool applying methods with which it is 100% according to its bases:

     Provide quality content relevant to users. Anything that may be of interest to the users and be willing to read them and even share them.

     Be simple and clear. Use a language that is easy to understand and do not go around in the same concept.

     Define the most successful keywords. Those that are clearly related to the activity. If you do not know how to choose them, here are some formulas for it.

     The originality and perseverance in the publications you make. Determine a periodicity once or twice a week, and keep it in time.

     Facilitate all the elementary data of your company. This increases confidence in the website.

     Link to external and internal sites that have a direct relationship to the content. It is not worth including past posts that are not minimally related.

     Customize and shorten the URLs of your site. They work much better on SEO rankings than long ones. And if you can, include some keyword in them.

     Bet on the link baiting. Create an external link structure in a natural way.

    In short, what you have to do is make it easy for the search engine.



    1. Use low-quality links. They have to be reliable sources to support the content.

    2. Manipulate the keywords or keywords, that is, do not fill the text of them without any sense. Google now penalizes the texts devoid of meaning whose purpose is to fill it with keywords.

    3. Spam on other blogs. Rather, dedicate yourself to participating as a guest with quality content.

    4. That your web is not responsive. Google identifies those websites that are adapted to the mobile ans support them.

    5. Or that is not safe and does not work in HTTPS since the search engine only shows these.

    All this will make Google put you below and make it harder to climb positions in the search engine.



    There are certain actions that can make the searcher penalize you and make you disappear directly from the index. This means that it will not show you in any search results:

    – Abuses advertising in such a way as to make it impossible for the user to see the content of the web by a number of advertisements that there are.

    – You buy links, exchange links or comments on many blogs the link to yours.

    – Show a content to the search engine and a different one to the user.

    – Use hidden or plagiarized texts.



    You can find out if they have been penalized using, for example, a tool like Panguin Tool de Barracuda o Penalty Checker de Brave. And to avoid surprises with SEO, one option is to use tools that help you to know what you are doing right or wrong. One of the most used is Yoast SEO or you can also opt for a simpler one like All In One SEO Pack.


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