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  • How to measure brand awareness with Adwords

    14 September, 2017

    Branding campaigns increase the visibility of brands. For this, Google Adwords can be a good choice to increase traffic to your website or motivate users to interact with your brand. One of the biggest concerns for marketers today is to demonstrate the return on investment or ROI. Thanks to ROI you can value sales generated by a campaign, and when it comes to branding, ROI translates into conversion data with KPIs (performance indicators).



    There are two types of campaigns that you can do in Google Adwords that can lead to an increase in the visibility of your brand: display advertising and YouTube advertising.

    If you are clear that you want to do this type of campaign, do not forget to measure the following KPIs:

    – Direct conversions, which are registered directly to the AdWords platform or those reflected in Analytics that come from Adwords.

    – Assisted conversions, there is a whole section where you can see a complete report of the assisted conversions here:

    Conversions can help you see if your ads are generating brand-related user behaviour that can be considered as valuable as subscriptions or page visits. From the above two sections, you can deduct the total volume of conversions (direct + assisted) to get the ROI of the investment in the campaign.

    – Impressions, in this section you can filter by the name of the brand and see the impressions that have been since the beginning of the campaign.

    – Evolution of the number of visits by direct traffic, you can consult directly on your website if the number of visits to the website has increased since the beginning of the campaign.

    – Customer participation, you can use the clickthrough rate (CTR) to measure what the user participates in ads on the search network.

    – Evolution of the number of search queries by brand terms, directly in Google Trends you can see if the number of searches of your brand has increased.

     – Coverage and frequency, finally, you should also take into account, on the one hand, the coverage that is the number of users who are exposed to an advertisement. If the coverage of an ad grows, that means that more potential customers have been exposed to it, which can increase the visibility. The frequency is the average number of times a user is exposed to an advertisement over a period of time and can give you an idea of the user’s rating of it if they stay longer is what they like.

    However, investing just in campaigns with Adwords is not enough to boost branding, you also need a strategy of mass media and advertising through other channels such as social networks.


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