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  • Failures to Avoid in a Content Marketing Strategy

    24 August, 2017

    The content marketing strategy is a way to differentiate yourself from others by offering your own original content that can be useful to users. It is one of the formulas to encourage customers loyalty and attract new ones who are looking for content related to your sector and whose final objective is to establish itself as the main source of information. Today is a crucial piece in the marketing strategy of companies as, according to a global survey of GetResponse, brands and companies continue to maintain budgets for this purpose. However, 40% of the respondents said to order the content when you need it instead of having someone dedicated to it. Since 2015, when content marketing has become increasingly important, the efforts of companies to generate content have increased by 70%.

    Do you value your users with original content? There are some mistakes that are repeated over and over again:



     Trello. Its free version is very useful. Organize the projects in lists and within them, you can add ideas, tasks or files to complete the content. They are like virtual post-it where you can keep all the content organised.


     BasecampIt is another collaborative tool for organizing content. It allows to do lists of tasks, allows to share files and the interactivity between the members of each project.


     Redbooth. It has chat, very complete task lists that measure the time that is used in each task. In addition, it allows making video conferences.


     DivvyIt allows to dump ideas, share them and collaborate in the elaboration of contents. A tool specially designed to carry out this type of strategies.


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