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  • Guide: How to launch advertising campaigns in social networks

    21 August, 2017

    Social networks are becoming a hive of advertising investments versus traditional formats such as newspapers or magazines. Once you know how to launch campaigns in search engines, how can you make campaigns in social networks? There are different options depending on what you are looking for:



    It is the most important social network to date. It has a wide possibility of segmentation: by sex, age, work, interests, etc. In this social network it is elementary to create a pixel. You can use it to measure the effectiveness of your advertising and know the actions that people perform on your website and reach the audiences that interest you. The main goals pursued by advertisers on Facebook are: increase the brand image, increase the community, make a sale / contact or establish commitment to the brand (engagement). However, selling directly does not work well on social networks. In this other post you can see how to launch conversion events with Facebook Ads.



    The campaigns in this social network are cheaper than in the rest because it takes little time and the costs of CPC are low. It is managed with the ad manager of Facebook or Ads Manager, so it has the same possibilities of segmentation. It offers you 5 options depending on the purpose of the campaign you want to perform:

    1. Promote publications: it serves to increase the visibility of some of your post.

    2. Get web traffic: Attracting visits to the website is the main thing, that is why the ad incorporates a button that automatically redirects to your web or where you want.

    3. Get conversions on the website: track conversions. Not only does it pursue web visits, but the user does something of value such as a form, a download, a purchase, etc.

    4. Installation of Apps: If you want to attract the user and get downloads of your mobile application, this campaign is very interesting because Instagram is often used directly from the mobile and redirected to the App.

    5. Video plays: it is a specific campaign to increase the views of your videos and that reaches many more people.



    It offers two options: promoted tweets or promotes an account. If what you want is to get new followers you must promote the account directly, so you will only pay for the followers that you achieve with the campaign and not those obtained by organic route. And its effectiveness is based on appearing in the “who to follow” section of the users that you define as the target audience. On the other hand, promoting a tweet serves to reach more users with the tweets you launch as they appear prominently in the timeline of the users you have segmented and only pay for users who interact in some way (retweet or fav, respond or follow) with it.



    It has two advertising options that are the advertisement or sponsored content. Keep in mind that the display ads on this social network are small and easily ignored, so it’s best to opt for the sponsored content. In addition, you can control the campaign directly because Linkedin Ads offers analytics with graphs of clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC, and even spending.





    – With CPM or Cost per thousand ad impressions. Twitter and LinkedIn tend to be more expensive, Facebook is cheaper if what you want is broadcast.

    – The CTR or clickthrough rate. It delivers the visibility of the ad and the ability to capture the user’s attention. Social networks often generate better click rates.

    – CPC or cost per click. Shows the number of clicks that can be purchased with a specific budget and how much is the conversion cost. It is the most important measure because it reveals whether the “commercial” brings leads at a price that can be assumed.


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