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  • 6 tips to retain customers with video marketing

    17 August, 2017

    The use of video marketing is one of the rising trends when it comes to diffusing a brand or a product by its ability to attract visual attention from the first moment. The videos already account for 50% of all mobile traffic and are expected to be 84% of all internet traffic in 2018. The reality is that the need for immediacy on the part of users with the arrival of streaming platforms or live videos such as Periscope, Facebook Live, Live Instagram Stories or YouTube.

    Thus, video marketing is postulated as one of the most effective tools within the content strategy and the present and future of digital marketing. It offers many attractive options that have led to its rapid viralization:

     Consuming videos requires no effort, just data.

     They are useful in conveying a message, it is more creative and emotional.

    It generates trust, is closer and more interest.

    It humanizes the brand and encourages interactivity.

     They can be shared on social networks easily.

     Contributing to SEO, being shared increases the natural and organic positioning.

     Increased conversion ratios, 90% of online shoppers admit that the video helps them in the purchase decision



    – Think well what you want to convey. You must plan, at least, the idea and the information that you want to come out in the video. Often mentioning the brand name is not as productive as we think. However, if it is not a well-known brand, it is important to say the name of the brand at the end of the video.

    – The good thing, if short, twice good. As much as you want to tell the rest of the world, who you are, what you do and how you do it… Do not put everything in one video. It has to last between one and three minutes to really reach the user. And, in case you go to share it in social networks, keep in mind that only one minute is allowed to reproduce, and it is what you have to condense the information.

    – Speak clearly and simply. Do not use fancy words or too specific to the sector. Just in case your video plays in other countries, and you have to translate it, use simple words.

    – They do not have to be expensive. If you think you should shell out a lot of money to make a video, it is not. You do not have to make audiovisual productions, you can broadcast videos in your blog or in social networks that are as home as you want. You can use very simple mobile applications to edit your videos like Instagram, VSCO Cam or Cameo from your own smartphone.

    – The audio and image quality should be good. It is something that you have to check before uploading it to any social network or share it through the blog. It is very important that it is understood and viewed optimally to ensure that the message arrives, and as you want it to arrive.



    1. YouTube

    It is the one and only video platform. It has more than one billion users, which makes it very attractive to make video marketing and dump all the content in it. In addition, it is linked to Google, so the video you have on YouTube will help you in your positioning in the search engine.


    2. Vimeo

    It is another very popular social network for sharing videos, but they are of high quality. It has restricted a number of videos uploaded to the network to guarantee that high quality of the content to the users, which makes it a good network where to promote your products audiovisual.


    3. Wideo

    This tool allows you to make animated videos and moving graphics ideal for product demos, services or contents that can be easily edited and shared. The website offers 33 free templates where you can modify everything: typography, colours, movement, icons … The free version leaves a watermark in the videos but has very cheap plans and for $ 19 a month, you can download the videos in high quality.



    This would be the last step. Once we have already decided how the video will be and through which channels to make it viral, it is time to promote it. Using the video in your marketing strategy will mean a revolution that will allow you to connect with your audience, speaking their own language and in the exact format in which they want to receive the content. Therefore, you should study in each case how you want to promote it, for example, through social networks you can make a publication promoted.

    – Insert it in all possible spaces: your web, radio, forums and other platforms of social networks.

    – It invests in Facebook Ads, is the ideal social network for videos and is cheaper and effective than Google Adwords.

    – Use popular hashtags when sharing your videos, so you can stick to the search results that are most used in your field.

    – In the social network, redirects to the video channel. And vice versa.

    – Be consistent and always maintain the same quality of content that you share on social networks.

    – Includes as much information as you can from the video.

    – Allow others to include your video on their websites, for example.


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