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  • The new Facebook tool to make Branded Content

    14 August, 2017

    Facebook is launching new tools for companies and advertisers with the aim of improving the value of advertising on the social network. And one of the last is the option to label the publications as Branded Content. According to Facebook, Branded Content is “content designed by a creator or publisher that shows a business partner or the influence that it exerts to exchange value.”

    This means that some pages of companies may make the publications are labelled as sponsored content and also the name of the creator and business partner. This tag can be used in all types of content: photos, videos, links, articles, presentations, live and 360º videos, etc.

    The goal of this tool is to increase the engagement of the platform and the knowledge of the brand as well as generate conversations and increase the visualizations. However, there are some doubts about how to do it that you can solve below:



    First you should go to the editor of your page:

    Facebook para empresas

    1. Create the body of the publication as you normally would.

    2. If your page is verified, a new hand push icon will appear beside the other icons and you can click on it.

    3. A drop-down menu will appear when you start typing the business partner name or if not, you can specify the URL of the page.

    4. Publish.

    After that, the trading partner will receive a notification of the label and can access the statistics of the page or Business Manager and display the reach and interaction data. In addition, you must share the publisher of the creator or publisher on your page before investing in or promoting it. If you do, you’ll be able to access CPM statistics (cost per 1000 impressions) and total spend. If what happens is that your partner does not have a page and believes that it would be necessary to create it, it should do so and you can label it. If not, you may receive a notice of infringement, which you can appeal.

    For now, you can not label multiple advertisers on brand content and Facebook advises you to tag the most prominent trading partner.

    If you want to know more about how to label publications like Branded Content on Facebook, click here.




     Banners: The photo includes a mark column (horizontal or vertical) superimposed over the image or video content and displayed separately by its color tones. In addition, banners that occupy more than a third of the video or image content are banned.

    Facebook para empresas

     Interstitial images: entering a title image in which the business partner appears and interrupting the content of the video is prohibited in the first three seconds of video content, provided that it does not last more than three consecutive seconds in any other section of the video.

    Facebook para empresas

    Content-embedded ads: Video content should not include any type of ad that is played before, during, or after it.

    Facebook para empresas


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