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  • Guide: How to launch ad campaigns on search engines

    10 August, 2017

    If you want to advertise on the Internet, there are plenty of options to do it. First of all, you should know the methods of payment: CPC, CPM and CPA.

    – Cost per Click (CPC): The advertiser pays for each click a user makes on a text or banner ad. This system is based on a bidding system, so the cost per click for each ad is determined by how much other advertisers are willing to pay for that search.

    – Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM): In this case, you pay an X price per 1,000 views of your banner on a website.

    – Cost-per-Action (CPA): The advertiser continues to pay per click, but is displayed as sales or registrations. Depending on the type of “action” you want to differentiate between CPS (in Spanish, CPv, cost per sale) when dealing with a sale or CPL (cost per lead) when it is a record that requires, for example, of form. The system optimizes the cost of the click to try to get the cost per acquisition that the advertiser is looking for.

    One of the keys to being promoted on the Internet is to be very clear about what the goal is: to achieve a positive impact on the brand or increase visibility, notoriety, sales or traffic to the corporate website. As well as getting contacts through forms or registrations in newsletters. Depending on the objective will have to perform a campaign type: branding, CPM…



    This Google service is very simple to use. It allows offering products or services in the search engine and in other associated websites through advertisements. It is based on the PPC system (pay per click) to attract traffic to your website. This is attractive because of its immediacy since an SEO campaign takes months to give results of this caliber.

    Before doing any type of campaign, besides the objective, what you have to be clear is the budget you want to target the campaign. After that, go to Google Adwords and add your email address and website here:


    By giving it to continue, you can determine the parameters of the campaign you want to launch on aspects such as: budget, target audience, geolocation, bid, search networks, keywords and what is the ad text itself.

    Here are the steps to carry out a campaign on Google Adwords:

    1. Define the campaign type

    If you do not decide when defining your keywords, Google Adwords offers a keyword planner. Here you can find other formulas to make an effective Keyword Research [link].

    2. Geolocate it

    Depending on the type of business, you may want to show your ads to potential customers in a specific location (country, city, or even segment by zone). In the case of offering services in a certain location, if you do not change the default settings you will be showing ads to users not interested in your service, and therefore, wasting your budget.

    3. Select manual bid strategy

    In this way, you will be the one in control and you will be able to determine a cost per click that you can assume.

    4. Enter your daily budget

    5. Schedule your ads

    Here you should keep in mind that you do not sell products or services online, you should not show ads 24 hours a day. If your activity is limited to a specific time, specify it in this section:



    It’s a good option for your business if you want to save time and reach more customers with automatic optimizations of your ads settings. You do not need to have a website and management is done automatically, simplifying the process. It is much simpler, but this has repercussions on its effectiveness since it has fewer options and control over the campaigns.

    You must find your customers from here:


    Here you have to add on what your company is going and, after that, you can already make your ad and see how it is going:

    And then you have to define the budget:

    Add a payment method and… launch the campaign!



    The Bing Ads CPC is usually lower than Google AdWords, so Bing Ads is usually a recommended option if we want to validate a business idea through ads and with a low budget.


    The reality is that it is quite simple. Each step is explained extensively, just fill in the following parameters:

    You can then create your own ad groups with keywords defined for each of them.

    And you can configure what would appear in the advertisement, with title 1 and title 2. All the data you provide here will improve the visibility of it:

    And it’s about defining how much you’re willing to spend each day and paying for users to reach your website, for example, among other goals that lets you choose. The difference is that here you can define how much to bid for each keyword defined:

    And you would already have your campaign ready.

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