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  • Personal brand, what is and why you need it

    21 July, 2017


    Personal Brand is what results from working on your own brand as an individual. It is a kind of cover letter that includes how you are, what you know to do, how you do it and, ultimately, your own talents and abilities. This makes possible for other professionals or even companies to know you. Therefore, it is important that you show what you know. There are several characteristics that need to have a personal brand: be credible, real and human.

    The most important thing when it comes to boosting your personal brand is getting to know yourself. Having a definite image of who you are turns fundamental, both physically and personality. However, you have to use channels to show what you are to others. If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. And the results that appear on Google about you become a piece of what can be known about you. That is why it becomes so important to be on social networks as well, another of the main environments to develop the personal brand.

    One of the best strategies to position yourself as an expert on something is content marketing, whether in fashion, gastronomy, art, marketing… Offer quality and interesting content that is truly relevant to professionals in the specific area where you want to be expert.



     Differentiate yourself from the competition. With a powerful personal brand you can get attention among people who have profiles similar to yours. Stand out from the crowd.

     Show who you are to many more people. It is a strategy with which you can get more exposure and more people know you.

     Position yourself as an expert in your field. Creating content related to your theme gives you authority over it.

     Opt for new business opportunities. With your brand you can reach potential clients who are looking for a professional like you and discount for you when this would not happen in the same way if you had not boosted your personal brand.

     Increase your value as a professional and, as a result, earn more money.



    – Before doing anything, open a blog or spread something on social networks: Self-aware. Develop a SWOT on you to know what you can potentiate or what you can improve.

    – Set goals and make a plan to reach them. What do I want to achieve? What is my mission? And to achieve it, what will be my dynamic and my speech?

    – Avoid sublet it, people want to know you and no one knows you as well as yourself to know what you want to potentiate and what not. Own the platforms you create or decide to use to create your personal brand, do not give control to another person. Make the decisions you, the consequences and also the benefits.

    – Do not imitate other professionals. It is a mistake to follow the actions and rules that have other professionals similar to you, you have to reflect on who you want to be you and establish your own rules.

    – Always transmit the idea you want: with each message. It is forever, once you begin to position yourself as an expert you have to continue if you do not want to lose credibility and trust.

    – Be constant. Empowering the personal brand is not a one-day job, it’s a background job, so do not despair if you do not see results in the short term. Communicate and transmit what you do as you want.

    – Get profitable. Monetize it, make all effort worth something. Whether with the blog, with videos on YouTube…



    1. Risto Mejide
    Risto Mejide has created a very powerful personal brand. His is based on an acid style, direct and loaded with irony with which he has been able to differentiate himself as a product in a competitive way.

    2. Selena Gómez

    Her personal brand is responsible for making it one of the best-paid celebrities on social networks. She is your own community manager, which is very important when showing yourself as you are. It is spontaneous, close but professional. Positioned as a successful singer, she is now enhancing her role as a television producer with the Netflix series, For thirteen reasons.


    3. Steve Jobs

    The personal brand he created was so powerful that it was transferred to an entire company and was based on values, he himself said: “Marketing is about values.” He was able to differentiate himself from others, he was clear about what he wanted to achieve and where he wanted to go. After his death, he has become an icon of marketing and innovation.


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