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  • What is Header Bidding?

    11 July, 2017

    Sale of advance programmatic advertising

    The header bidding is a programmatic technique with which bids for the purchase of advertising space are made through the header of a web page that the user visits before it is downloaded to the computer or smartphone. This allows web sites to increase their performance, as they become the meeting points between advertisers and owners of the digital media that offer advertising space. In real time and simultaneously between the parties.

    This tool is considered as the natural evolution of Real Time Bidding (RTB), with the advantage that the header code allows the publisher, who sells advertising, not only to connect to one Ad Exchange, but also several to access to all the existing demand on a specific advertising space.


    Advantages of header bidding

    How does Header Bidding work?

    When an Internet user accesses a web page, before it is loaded, a JavaScript code is inserted in the HTML header of the page through which advertisers can show what they are willing to pre-bid for an impression that is available on the web. All the ad-exchanges, interested in buying it, are notified at once and start the bid. After this, the program selects the one that bets the most as the winner of the bid and its advertising will appear in the space available.

    According to an OpenX report, US publishers who have implemented the header bidding have seen their incomes rise by between 20% and 50% on average.


    Examples of Header Bidding

    Some of the most used ad-exchanges to do header bidding, and that greatly facilitate the work of the publishers, are AppNexus and Sibbo. Here are some examples:

    El País

    It is one of the means that use this technique to sell some of its spaces and does it through AppNexus. And finally:

    Sibbo Header Bidding is postulated as a solution that allows to offer the same impression in real time to several SSPs, besides to Google Adx or Adense, and to sell it to the one that provides a greater value by it.


    What will happen in the future?

    The online world grows exponentially, and with it, new ways to automation of the purchase of advertising arise. In this other post, you can see how the programmatic purchase is winning the battle to buy traditional advertising. According to Business Insider, 70% of US publishers implemented the bidding header in 2016 and it seems to be a trend that is increasing as it is estimated that program advertising will grow 37% this year.

    After the header bidding, some experts already predict new solutions and what can be their evolution: Server-to-Server (S2S). With this one, the notifications to the ad-exchanges is made from a server and not from the user’s browser in order to reduce the latency time, something that the bidding header can not solve yet.


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