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  • How (to hit) your customer and make him remember you

    20 June, 2017

    It is very common to believe that the key to engagement is constantly bombarding the customer. However, it is not a matter of waging a daily struggle with competition in terms of prices or promotions. It is not a career to see who says, shares and creates more content about your sector. It’s not just that. It is also about listening, observing, understanding and maintaining a dialogue with the client. Therefore, you should focus on offering personalised, relevant and useful attention, with a constant connection and humanity towards the client.

    More customers do not necessarily mean more sales. And more content will not increase your sales if you do not have optimal customer service. Just like a company does not work if all workers do not row in the same direction or if there is no communication between departments. The basis of everything is that everything is perfectly interconnected. Here are some keys to guide you:



     Contact with the client, digitally and socially

    All those who think that being in touch with the customer is not elementary is doomed to failure. They work differently and if you do not insist on being present in any of the phases that an individual goes through when buying a product or service, you will disappear.


     Betting on experiential marketing

    We all know that most buying decisions are made for emotional reasons, much more than rational. And experiential marketing is positioned as one of the tools with the greatest growth in the coming years. Those brands that know how to balance rational and emotional in their actions are those that will ensure success and will make the customer remember them more easily.


     Listen to your customers, what they want and how they want it

    And the above is not possible if you do not know the real motivations of consumer insights. Therefore, you must be where your customers are, worry about what they are worried about and try to give them what they want. Find out where they move, where they think in order to take part in the discussion and position you as a leading company in the sector. In this way, you will know how you can impact it with greater effectiveness, each strategy will be different depending on the type of public, product, consumer trends…


     Target and focus on it

    It is often better to offer your services to less public but to have more active consumers and totally interested in your brand. Thus, your actions will be directed to those that are predisposed to become consumers and, perhaps, prescribers.


     Invest part of your budget in advertising

    Without investing, you will hardly go beyond and finally surprise your target. It is necessary to carry out actions, each of small actions carried out by the company: customer service, innovations of the product or packaging… As well as in the strategy of the marketing campaign of that year. Today customers can be surprised in many ways. Whether you want to invest in social networks or outdoor advertising, you must.



    1. Newsletter. Send emails with important and relevant info for your clients. They can be blog articles, general information of other media, some special promotion…


    2. Do actions they do not expect. Clients have expectations and you have to cover them. They expect things like an optimal customer service and products or services to be exactly as the way they expect them, among others. So one of the ways to impact the customer is to improve those small production failures such as, for example, customer service or another department. This is the most important of all. In addition, innovate, always offer new things or show them differently. If you can surprise them with something that is not on their list of expectations, you will make sure they will not forget.


    3. Participate actively in focus groups. Find out where your consumers are moving, where they place their queries when it comes to buying because you should also be there. It can be at forums, LinkedIn groups or social networks. The most important thing is that you plan and program the interventions that you are going to do from time to time and make sure you respond all questions or provide some content of value.


    4. Do remarketing. It is one of the techniques most used to increase the conversion rate (ROI). Google Adwords allows you to personalise ads so you can reach back to those customers who have already been minimally interested in your brand and have entered your website. So you can create your own lists of consumers and some types of ads you want to show your products back to those who are more predisposed to consume them. A work of art.


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