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  • What is a transmedia campaign?

    31 May, 2017

    What is transmedia?

    It is a form of storytelling that is spread across multiple platforms in which the content that is offered in each of them is part of a global and coordinated strategy that makes users live a full and immersive entertainment experience in the narrative universe where the protagonists can be even consumers. This campaign allows the consumers to participate in the story and even change the direction of it. However, each platform can be consumed and understood independently.

    This type of strategy allows brands to connect with the target in a more direct, personal and emotional way with the positive consequence of generating more impacts and make the story transcend an even wider audience. If they are part of it, they usually share the experience. Thus, it is customers who promote the brand by offering narrative and comprehensive content on different platforms and media.


    Formats of transmedia narrative

    One of the most important is the web. In it, you can centralise all the actions of different platforms. Depending on each one of them, it adds value to the strategy. For example, apps allow a great interaction and that the public is constantly informed of everything. The blog is elementary when it comes to loyalty through the content of value, as well as offering an e-book or organising an event related to the story makes them immerse even more in it. Making games or using QR codes are the most successful actions, they attract potential customers to participate. Although the preferred format for making a story known is through videos, it can be combined with many other actions to offer a complete experience. Some of those that can be carried out in a transmedia strategy are:
    – Minigames: They can be basic games, puzzle games or similar, or you can also launch a game to solve riddles without which it would be impossible to continue the story.

    – Alternative reality games: Immersion in an alternative world in which the client interacts and actively participates in, for example, a treasure hunt.

    – Actions on the street: As did The Walking Dead with the simulation of a zombie attack, whose strategy is detailed below.

    – Web-series: The story is continued from videos on the web page.

    – Real Investigations: In which the client has to find out and solve puzzles to continue making progress in the story, this is what they did in the campaign of ‘The Dark Knight’.

    – Digi-novels: Stories that alternate between conventional reading on paper and online video that expand the main narrative.



     Know your target very well. Otherwise, you will not be able to adapt the experience to different characteristics. Issues such as the time they spend in leisure or the degree of participation will determine the success of your story.

     Select platforms that fits to your strategy. These platforms should adapt to the type of content, and in turn, should be preferred or suitable for your target.

     Know the trends. The consumption of social networks, the time of leisure, preferred subjects…

     Encourages public participation. All this does not make sense if the public does not participate in the campaign, therefore, you must give their own space in which they can contribute their ideas and comments.

     Offers original and unique content on each platform. This is the most important. Each platform has its characteristics and its use, so we must adapt the contents to each one of them. And the key to sharing in each of them a different content is that all the actions can be combined in the same global strategy.
    Here you got some examples of more meaningful transmedia campaigns:

    1. Matrix

    The idea was that, just by watching the movies, you could not immerse yourself in the Matrix universe. For this, history is built from various media: cinema, video games, animation, graphic narrative, etc. After the first two films, the video game ‘Enter The Matrix0 and 9 animated shorts were released. Half a year later ‘Matrix Revolutions’ was released, which closed the trilogy. After this, they left two more video games and comics with which to complete the history. This campaign highlights the participation and cooperation of different authors to build the whole plot in each of the media.


    2. The Walking Dead

    ‘The Walking Dead Story Sync’ is a dual-screen application that allows the user to send live comments about the episodes, respond to polls and talk to other fans on a chat system. They launched a social game inviting players to defend their own field against zombie attacks with the support of their contacts. And they also created specialised content on plot elements that extended the experience as well as a series of exclusive videos for each of the seasons of the year on the official website, including trailers, some making-of and excerpts from talk shows.

    The experience of the fans was pushed to the limit with the ‘Ultimate Fan Game’, a personalised game that invites fans to respond to contests, earn badges and challenge their competitors to improve their ranking. Along with other applications to choose your character and that included concrete evidence each season. And, finally, the ‘Zombie walks’ in many countries. The most impressive were ‘The Walking Dead Escape’, based on overcoming obstacles at the San Diego Comic Con in 2012.


    3. Star Wars

    In this case, the prosumers have a great influence, fans that created content acclimated in the world of Star Wars. To which the director, from the beginning, established parameters and conditions that should be respected by those who contributed to the expansion since he did not want the universe of the film to be distorted. They created a large number of web pages, comics, dolls (in addition to all types of merchandising) and video games created by fans and fans. This is an example of how content can be extended to all types of channels by the influence of fans, who require more and more content. Create a world, participate in it.

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