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  • What is Branded Content?

    28 May, 2017

    Branded Content consists of generating content that is directly linked to your brand and allows the consumer to connect with it. It is the most effective technique of Inbound Marketing when it comes to turning strangers into prescribers and fans of the brand. It is based on transmitting the values, emotions, ways of thinking and personality of the brand through actions with which gaining notoriety and affinity towards the brand. Increasingly, brands try to pretend they are not selling. They try to remove the idea from the head that what they want is to sell 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Establishing a connection with the public has become one of the great challenges of the sector. And what they want now is to connect with consumers, build trust and turn it into a ‘friend’. This is promoted by high competition, as there are companies that offer the same products or services, but you have to make a difference and make the brand the best option for the customer. How is it done?


    Branded Content characteristics

     Must be innovative and attract attention

     Must be close to the lifestyle and tastes of the target audience

     Promotes public interaction and seeks empathy

     It helps to create an idea in the consumer’s mind about what the brand is and what it intends to convey

     Create a community around the brand

    Some of the actions may be to make a corporate video, to sponsor an event, to offer an e-book or exclusive content in the blog. Definitely, offer an experience (more than the characteristics of the product or service) in which the brand is reflected. All this in order for the personality of the brand to connect with consumers and even consumers to defend.

    Here are some examples that can help inspire you to do some Branded Content action:

    1. Tomorrowland 2015 – Aftermovie

    When it comes to an event, and if it has had previous editions, it is best to offer a brief summary of the previous experience as Tomorrowland does in the Aftermovies each year with some slogans like: “Are you ready to enter our kingdom?”.



    2. Hootsuite – A game of social thrones

    Hootsuite versioned the intro of Game of Thrones and integrated in her the different social networks that can be added in the tool under the motto: “Unite your social Kingdoms”.



    3. Mercedes – David Muñoz

    Some brands are related to some famous to associate the characteristics that define it to the brand. In this case, with David Muñoz, they wanted to connect with the young and disruptive public in order to take away the idea that Mercedes is only for people who are in maturity. It does not highlight any feature of the product, but rather seeks to reach other audiences.



    4. Burguer King- Whopper Freakout

    What if you went to a Burger King and they told you that they will not serve Whoppers anymore? Burger King made an experiment to know the feeling of fidelity towards one of the main products of the brand. They give that experience and when they show that it was a ‘joke’, appeared the king of Burger King with a whopper.


    However, it must be clear that to make a good Branded Content, you must first master and understand content marketing. Once you master content marketing, you must be able to give a personal touch to your content, so people automatically relate to your brand.
    Because there is no better way to define yourself and to know you for who you are than showing what you know how to do, more than what you have.


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