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  • Social network crisis: Case Hawkers MX

    26 April, 2017

    The Hawkers MX sunglasses brand went into crisis wednesday, 9 of november with a tweet in which it mocked the Mexicans for the victory of Donald Trump. This message caused numerous negative comments towards the brand in Twitter.

    The tweet was fastly removed, but it was not the only one:


    The controversy over the wall of Trump caused the Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez to stop being the brand image of Hawkers Mexico, who answered to the tweet with the following message:

    And it was not only him, there were many negative reactions:

    After these tweets, the community manager of Hawkers MX began to explain himself:

    From the following day, they began to apologize:


    One of the founders of Hawkers, David Moreno, apologized through a video:


    And, the following week, issued a statement as an apology to the pilot:


    After the apology, Twitter was filled with positive comments towards the brand for having faced the problem in a very positive way: announcing that the company will create the foundation Querido Sergio X Hawkers dedicated to helping the poor children of Mexico.


    A project started in order to turn their situation around and get something positive out of the incident, which continued to provoke positive comments towards the brand.


    Crisis Management: Hawkers MX

    The issue is that the controversial tweet has generated an avalanche of requests for explanations from more than 20 countries and that the home video produced by David Moreno failed to stop comments on social networks.

    However, Hawkers Mexico has acted quickly and the next day he began to apologise. This attitude is correct because it would damage the brand image more letting the time go by trusting that everything will be forgotten soon or done as if it had not happened or was not important to them.

    And, on the other hand, the creation of the Foundation have launched a ‘compensation’ for the error with which they seek to restore the sympathy and feedback of customers with the brand. Something that has not a solution is the untying of the brand of an ambassador as relevant as Sergio Perez in Mexico.

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