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  • 7 tips for winning back people using Email Marketing

    26 January, 2017

    Email marketing is recognized as one of the most important loyalty techniques for companies. Although its disappearance is announced over and over again, the fact is that remains one of the favourites of industry in terms of ROI and now is discovering a new side thanks to social networks. The point is that email marketing campaigns are a good way to eliminate intermediaries; reach the reader directly and create new habits of reading based on a more extensive and personalized information than the one offers on social networks.


    To implement an effective email marketing campaign, keep in mind this following tips:

    1. Choose the right tool

    Before carrying out a campaign, you must choose carefully a good marketing automation to work with. Some of the most useful tools are MailChimp, Mailrelay, Benchmarke Mail or InfusionSoft. These tools are very intuitive and complete, but you should decide which one fits most to your needs.


    2. Frequency, but not saturating

    It is best to analyse the habits of users and understand how often they might be interested in receiving your emails in order to avoid being reported as spam. Whoever subscribes to a newsletter is predisposed to receive information on this sector. They already are interested in new products or services related, so giving them quality and value information with a frequency determined will be the key.


    3. Keeps the promises and goals defined

    If you send an email and you promise that they will receive another one on Thursday about another topic, you must make sure you will because they may be waiting. Or if you want to generate engagement with consumers through an email marketing campaign, you have to define what goals and objectives you want to achieve or you will make mistakes like sending too many emails, or too few. Opposite if a customer leaves the newsletter because they haven’t receive quality content do not try to recover it until you have already improved.


    4. Personalize the message

    Write in a friendly way and use the first name of users gives better results. All of us like to feel the centre of attention for a moment and messages like: “Make a very special moment of your Christmas” that include some element of trend and timeliness, attracts more attention and, finally, works. Of course, we must avoid sending the same emails or about the same subject. And, of course, make sure that all the content they receive is interesting and original for users.

    5. Choose the right moment

    Try to send all relevant content in a timely manner to people predisposed to receive your message. This reduces the likelihood that messages will be filtered into the spam folder and, finally, it will increase return on investment.

    6. Analyse and investigate

    Consumers and users have voice and vote. If you don’t know why your consumers are inactive, you can include surveys that help you determine the reasons for that inactivity and solve errors. You can also send dynamic emails like “we miss you” and ask for the reasons.


    7. Filter and organise your contacts

    This is an essential requirement to reconnect and win back inactive consumers. It is not the same to have a contact that interacts every month or one that has not done it for five months, in this way, you can customise different messages for both groups. However, not all contacts are worth it. There is always a percentage of contacts that do not open emails or never access information. According to Return Path, this is 20%. Knowing the importance of maintaining a high-level of interactions subscriber list, in these cases, it is best to delete them from the list and manage more efficiently customers that stay.


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