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  • 9 tips to collect leads from LinkedIn

    8 January, 2017

    LinkedIn is a hugh network where many connections take place between professionals every day. Therefore, it becomes a perfect business tool to generate leads (potential customers).

    In the offline world, the leads have almost always been collected through the attendance to trade shows, conference or seminars. But in the digital, the first contact with potential customers take place especially through the company’s website or landing pages where the company offer valuable content that the user can download in exchange of their contact details. Then, what is needed to collect leads through Linkedin and transform them into loyal customers?


    1. Check your settings

    The profile has to be public and you must use the full name so that you are easy to find. Customize your LinkedIn public profile URL and set the information you want to be public and the one you want only your contacts to see.


    2. Have a complete profile

    You must fill out all the fields of information about the business in a clear and brief manner, in at least two languages.


    3. The image matters

    Use a photo that looks professional with the face of front. This will make a difference and will allow you to reach the contacts you want.


    4. Use the right language

    To maximize the potential of your profile in generating leads, consider what is the language of the audience you want to reach. Define geographic location of your customers and explore their business environment.


    5. Publish new content frequently

    Create original and interesting content is the key to generate high quality leads. It is the best way to connect with your public, and above all, increase your reputation as an opinion leader in the area in which you are a specialist.


    6. Participate in the groups

    Although your profile be completed and you publishe content frequently, you must share it to generate leads. It is important to share quality content in groups that are related to the topic of your business, to be an active member of several groups help you to accelerate the process of creating leads. Find the professionals from your sector and interact with them in the groups that suit with your business. LinkedIn has a wide variety of groups of all industries to which you can join. Participate and show your business to everyone!


    7. Create your own slides

    Create your own SlideShare presentations and share them. This tool helps you to make relevant presentations that can be a great help for your contacts and you can also share with your groups.


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